Rapid review, clear  results

Enjoy review environments ready on arrival

Harness intuitive tools for efficient review

Identify the critical artifacts to make your case quickly

We take care of all the complex tasks involved in the review phase of EDRM, so lawyers can focus on their core responsibilities. Our team handles data analysis, keyword searches, and review set preparation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free review experience for our clients.

Review In Zen Mode

Simplicity meets precision

Intuitive review system

Dive into a review interface designed with the user in mind. Our system is not only user-friendly but also tailored to ensure that every piece of data is easily accessible and understandable, allowing for a seamless review experience.

Ready when you are

Review sets prepared in advance

No more fooling around with complex queries. We prepare review sets ahead of time, ensuring that as soon as you're ready to start, your data is organized, categorized, and waiting for your analysis.

Precision searching

Custom complex queries

We understand the intricacies of eDiscovery. That's why we set up custom, complex queries in advance, ensuring that you can immediately hone in on the specific data points and patterns crucial to your case.

Essential Review

Get through review efficiently

Experience efficiency with essential review enhancements. Our suite of tagging and redaction tools and services accelerates your workflow, ensuring precise and swift document triage. Embrace a review system that simplifies and speeds up your work.

Tagging Sets

With pre-established tagging sets, the process of categorizing and marking data becomes a breeze. Start your review with a clear structure in place, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Bulk Redaction

Handling vast datasets? No problem. Our system assists with bulk redactions, ensuring that sensitive or irrelevant information is efficiently and consistently redacted across all relevant documents.

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