eDiscovery made simple

Black Letter Tech

Affordable eDiscovery for small law firms. No hefty contracts. No complex end-user experience. Just powerful and straightforward services aligned with your needs.

Get It Done Right

Eliminate complexity

Why Black Letter Tech?

eDiscovery is inherently technically complex. So how does Black Letter Tech streamline it? We simply do the mundane and tricky stuff for you. You work with people, not computers. You get real human intelligence operating behind the scenes. It just works better. Better than AI and better than promises of easy self‑service eDiscovery.

You breif us on the key aspects of the case
We begin legal holds and custodian collections
We index, search, and eleminate irrelevant data
You review a manageable amount of key documents

Transparent and affordable pricing

What's it going to cost?

No long-term commitments. No tiers of storage or features you don't need. No sunk cost of self-service software wasting your time. We provide all the tools. We only charge for services rendered with results you can count on.

Quick and easy onboarding

Whats it take to get going?

You don't need to sit through another endless demo. You don't have to schedule another call with yet another sales guy. Keep your efforts focused on what really matters - winning your case. We make it simple to understand what we offer and how much it costs from the first conversation.

Our process

What we do behind the scenes

Plan / Identify

  • Identify Custodians
  • Determine Scope
  • Estimate Costs
  • Case Orientation

Preserve / Collect

  • Initiate Legal Hold
  • Advise Custodians
  • Schedule Collections
  • Execute Collections

Analyse / Assess

  • Map and Index Data
  • Remediate Encrypted Files
  • Reassess Scope
  • Revise Cost Estimates

Process / Cull

  • Data Elimination
  • Data Augmentation
  • Keyword Searches
  • Participant Analysis


  • Content Analysis
  • Prepare Review Sets
  • Review Coordination and Assistance
  • Redaction and Tagging


  • Counterparty Coordination
  • Privilege Checks
  • PII Checks
  • Redactions OCR Reprocessing

Whats next

Lets get started!

If you need help with a case or just want to ask a few questions click below. We're ready to take the worries of eDiscovery off your mind today.

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