Analyze & assess your case  early

Prepare for potential risks

Estimate project costs

Find low hanging fruit

See the big picture upfront

Need some insights into your data fast? Early Case Assessment reveals a larger context. Identify risks, reduce expenses, and make informed choices. Step into clarity at the very beginning of your eDiscovery journey.

Gain an Early Advantage

Data about your data

Summarize all your evidence

Search, cluster, and categorize all your key digital artifacts quickly. Identify key documents, patterns, and trends that can significantly impact your case. This data-driven approach empowers your legal team with valuable insights early on in the process.

Clear eyed forecasts

Calculate risks and rewards

Make informed decisions and extract low-hanging fruit about case strategy. Project costs, settlement options, and potential risks. By quickly assessing the data during the early stages, we provide a clear understanding of the merits of your case.

Iterate case assesments

Stay nimble and adaptive

Early Case Assessment shouldn't be a one-time endeavor. Consistently revisiting these same metrics and trends creates a constant cycle of informed decision-making. Black Letter Tech can help you use it as a fluid tool that empowers your case strategy from start to finish

Cases Evolve

Cases often reveal new custodians and unexpected data along the way. These additions shape insights and enrich the case narrative.


As the eDiscovery journey uncovers fresh layers of information, we revisit the high-level case assessment metrics.


Keep your case aligned with evolving realities. Continuous assesment allows you to adapt strategies, and refine expectations.

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