Organize your data, silence  the  noise

Identify and parse more artifacts

Dump what you don't need

Find relevant artifacts for review fast

Dive into your case with confidence. Every byte is meticulously indexed, parsed, and organized. Advanced processing techniques ensure you'll experience a streamlined eDiscovery journey, packed with extended detail, and free from the distractions of irrelevant data.

Pull Order From Chaos

More than just documents

Carve out more data

While many rely solely on standard eDiscovery packages, we push further with more aggressive forensics software. This approach allows us to delve deeper into your datasets, identifying and extracting a broader range of relevant artifacts. Capture every critical detail and maximize the potential insights for your case with our cutting-edge techniques.

Less junk

Cleanse your data

Refine your dataset by removing irrelevant and redundant information. Culling strategies like de-NISTing and de-duping eliminate the noise. We ensure you're working with the most pertinent and streamlined information, ready for review.

Everything in its place

Organize your data

In eDiscovery, every detail counts. Black Letter Tech specializes in turning artifacts into systematically organized facets, ensuring a swift review with intuitive search and scope functions.

Advanced Data Preprocessing

Get deeper insights

Moving beyond basic eDiscovery preprocessing, we utilize data transformation and augmentation to refine and enrich your dataset, ensuring a thorough and insightful review.


Data transformation is vital for clarity in eDiscovery. Name normalization, for instance: standardizes variations of names. We ensure that relevant parties are consistently represented. This not only reduces ambiguity but also streamlines the review process, making it easier to identify and analyze relevant data points.


Go beyond the standard. With NLP and machine vision techniques like automated tagging, metadata patching, named entity recognition, object detection, and sentiment analysis, we add layers of information to your data. This provides a richer, more comprehensive view of your case landscape.

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