Preserve & collect defensible  data

Collect from a complete range of sources

Store and validate with confidence

Withstand forensic scrutiny

Do you have confidence in the authenticity and admissibility of your eDiscovery data? Are concepts like SHA or RFC3161 unfamiliar territory? No need to stress – a good collection service featuring forensic first practices can give you peace of mind. Let us help you say goodbye to any lingering worries with a proper data haul by Black Letter Tech.

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Logical Disk

Save time, save money. By carefully identifying and collecting relevant files and metadata, a logical extraction can expedite the investigative process while minimizing the volume of data to be analyzed.


Emails are a goldmine for cases, but their diverse systems and formats can be tough to collect. As a result, expert email extraction and analysis have become crucial in eDiscovery projects.


Mobile forensic extraction captures a comprehensive snapshot of devices, from call logs and texts to app data, and multimedia. Crack cases wide open with insights from a trail of mobile evidence.

Team Chat

Don’t rely on screenshots or other gludgy hacks to review chat data. Delve into team chat platforms, extracting vital threads, shared documents, and user details. Black Letter Tech can unearth all these collaborative dynamics and help you solidify your case.

Social Media

Social media forensic extraction digs into profiles, capturing posts, DMs, comments, images, and connections. Gain invaluable insights into online engagements and user conduct relevant to your case.

The Cloud

Discover the wake of information left by users in online cloud services. Not just social media and team chat, but online storage, fitness apps and even search histories. Find user activity that could be pivitol to your case wherever it might be.

Legal hold management

Streamline legal hold and collections

Minimize the complexity of your legal hold management. Black Letter Tech handles all the repetitive and technical stuff. From custodian interviews and reminders all the way through to a forensic first collection. Preserve your firm's resources and focus on building your case.

Custodian interviews and reminders
Hold data in place until collection
Black Letter Tech forensic first data collection

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